Horror and suspense novel from Paul Dale Anderson

Synopsis of SPILLED MILK


Title: Spilled Milk

Author: Paul Dale Anderson

Type of work: novel

Genre: horror; slasher novel/police procedural

Length: approximately 79,000 words

Themes: Revenge, love, hate, newspaper history, police procedures



Yesterday Twin Rivers was the safest of all Chicago suburbs. Today it is the most dangerous. Four years ago Megan Williams was raped. Today she is a serial killer who castrates her victims before letting them bleed out.

            Police still haven’t found the four men who raped and mutilated Megan’s body with hunting knives, and they aren’t even looking anymore. There are too many other rapes and murders to investigate. Only Megan’s sister, Susan, and 70 year-old investigative reporter Rodney Engleworth appear concerned the rapists are still raping and are now killing their victims.  When Rod falls victim to Megan’s pinking shears, Gazette publisher Tim Goodman joins forces with police public information officer Elsie Dorr to track down Megan and the rapists before Susan falls victim to the rapists and Megan can kill again.